When Is the Best Season for Roof Repairs/Replacement?

Your roof protects your family from the elements and keeps your abode comfortable (not to mention, looking good). But eventually, it will start to age or get damaged, and you’ll need to look into repair or replacement options.

Roof repair and replacement can be done year-round. But what exactly is the best season for roof repairs? Some seasons may be better than others for a variety of reasons. Let’s discuss all four seasons and how they may impact roof repair/replacement services

Roof Repair & Replacement in the Spring 

Late spring is one of the best times to get your roof repaired or replaced. The weather is perfect—it’s not too hot and not too cold. Not to mention, by this time, the winter ice has melted off, allowing roofers to safely carry out repair or replacement services. 

If you’re getting your roof replaced with asphalt shingles, the spring weather allows them to properly adhere to your roof.

Another great advantage of spring repairs and replacements is you can proactively fix any possible damage that might have occurred during the winter with snow and sleet. Therefore, the mild spring weather provides the opportunity for roofers to safely and effectively schedule inspections and repairs and keep your roof sturdy and lasting. 

Roof Repair & Replacement in the Summer

In addition to late spring, early summer is another ideal time to get repairs done and is often one of the busiest times for roofers. The weather is consistently warm enough for roofing tools and materials to function properly. Because of the busy season, companies generally have several contractors ready and willing to work on your roof. 

Moreover, early summer is the time before extreme heat and humidity set in—circumstances that can impact the working conditions and hours of roofing specialists. So with less humidity and lower temperatures, it’s a great time to have replacements done for your roof, provide safe and effective working conditions for your roofers, and bring you peace of mind.  

Roof Repair & Replacement in the Fall 

Early fall, especially in Indiana, is very pleasant. The skies are clear and the late summer heatwave has passed.

But as the weather starts to cool and the leaves change colors, homeowners begin mulling over how the upcoming winter season might affect their roof—which makes fall another prime time for roofing repairs and replacements. 

Fall is a great time to schedule an inspection to ensure you’re home is well-protected and ready to brace the winter season ahead. The weather is clear and mild enough that your team of roofers can carefully and quickly carry out necessary fix-ups, minimizing inconveniences to you and your family. 

Roof Repair & Replacement in the Winter

You’re probably wondering, can I get my roof repaired or replaced in the winter? The answer is, absolutely! Despite the cold weather and less-than-ideal conditions, a reputable roofing company will have the expertise and precautions in place to handle your roofing issues during the winter. Not only will they ensure their workers are safe, but they will also come prepared with a back-up plan in case of any unforeseen weather. 

Winter can be hard on your roof. For example, snowstorms, rain, and sleet when combined with plummeting temperatures at night can create ice dams. This is when ice forms at the edge of your roof and prevents melted snow/water from draining off the roof. The backed-up water can cause leaking and can damage other components of your home’s architecture. Therefore, it’s better to get repairs done sooner rather than later. 

And though yes, the sealants on new shingles can take several days to bond, there are self-adhering roof systems that are not temperature dependant like: 

  • Torch-applied systems – Unlike shingle roofs where you need to wait for the adhesive to solidify, torch-applied systems use a propane torch to adhere the roofing material to the base surface. 
  • Mechanical systems – Roofing systems like Duro-Last mechanically attached to the roof to the base surface with the help of plates and fasteners.

You shouldn’t let the weather deter you from getting roofing work done. Because when leaks and other issues happen, it’s better to get help as soon as possible before it turns into a bigger problem come springtime. The good news is, you might find roof repairs to be cheaper and you and your family will feel more safe during the winter months. 

The Bottom Line: Don’t Wait. Get Help Right Away. 

At the end of the day, there isn’t a “best time of year” to get your roof repaired or replaced, don’t push back roof work just because of the season. Our team at DMG Exteriors work during all 4 seasons! No matter how small the issue might seem, it’s best not to wait. Get help right away. 

Don’t try and fix the situation yourself either. Look out for any signs you need a roof replacement, and seek advice from a professional before taking any action. Roofers work all year long, so no matter the season, knowledgeable and reliable roofers, like DMG Exteriors’ team, can work through it. 

And if you don’t currently have any roof issues, great! But you should still plan ahead and prepare. That way, you have time to browse through options and choose the right roofing company. 

Discover Quality Roofing Services with DMG Exteriors

When it comes to your roof, you should never sacrifice quality and dependability. Find people you can trust. Be sure to do research into local roofing companies to find the best service that meets your needs within your desired time frame. 

At DMG Exteriors, we are proud to have a team of fully licensed, bonded, certified, and insured roofing specialists who provide exceptional repair services in the Northwest Indiana area. Contact us today to get a free quote.