Roofing Contractors in Lake County, IN

The condition of your roof affects a majority of all aspects of your house, including its stability, appearance, and energy needs. Keep your roof in excellent condition year-round with help from DMG Exteriors, one of the top-rated roofing contractors in Lake County, Indiana.

We offer roof replacement and repair services you can trust. Contact us to schedule your free on-site estimate.

Incredible Roofing Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services

No matter what roofing services you may need, we’re ready and able to help. Our technicians can help you diagnose the issue and figure out the best way forward.

Roof Repair Services

We provide roofing repair on Lake County, IN, homes, including shingle replacement, leak stoppage, overheating solutions, and more. Our team can match existing materials and styles to ensure the repaired section matches the rest of the roof. 

Routine repairs and maintenance help extend the life and performance of your roof. For the best results, it’s important to contact us at the first sign of a problem.   

Roof Replacement Services

The life-span of most roofs in Indiana is around 15-20 years. Over time, the shingles and other roofing materials exposed to the elements wear down. In some cases, roofing materials sustain significant damage and need to be replaced. If your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, we’ll take care of the replacement process from start to finish.

After assessing your home’s needs, we can provide recommendations to align with your budget and desires. We use proven methods to minimize noise and clutter during the installation process. A supervisor remains on-site during all work hours to ensure the quality of the job. 

When Do You Need Repairs or Roof Replacement Services For Your Lake County Home?

It’s not easy to know when your roof needs repairs or replacement. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Evidence of Water: Discolored ceilings and walls, mold growth, musty odors, and moisture buildup can all signal a leaky roof.
  • Condition of Shingles: The state of your shingles tells a lot about the condition of your roof. Missing, torn, or loose shingles can all indicate underlying structural problems.
  • Asphalt Granules: As an asphalt roof breaks down, the shingles often release granules that collect in the gutters.
  • Roof Position: Your roof should look straight and even. Any sagging, indentation, or shifting likely represent damage underneath the roofing materials.

It’s also helpful to monitor the age of your roof, as most roofing materials require replacement every 15-20 years. Since the climate in Lake County often includes heavy snowfall and excess moisture, the roof on your local structure may need to be repaired or replaced more often.

Why Choose DMG Exteriors?

DMG Exteriors is the local choice for roofing replacement in Lake County, IN. We promise to deliver:

  • Industry-Leading Customer Service: The job’s not finished until you’re completely satisfied. We’ll keep you informed and have a supervisor on-site to provide face-to-face communication and address any questions during the job.
  • Expert Knowledge: We understand how Indiana weather affects roofs and siding, so we’ve developed roofing solutions that are strong enough to last for decades, even when exposed to harsh climate conditions.
  • Reliable Communication: Our team will help you explore all repair and replacement options with no aggressive upselling. We’ll provide clear, reliable timelines during the installation or repair process.
  • Accessible Financing: Replacement and repairs are possible today with financing available with access to low monthly payments and interest-free options.
  • Trusted Warranties: An available lifetime warranty covers all new roof installations, while our repair services include warranty coverage for up to five years. 

Choosing a company for roofing installation in Lake County has never been easier!

A Business of Integrity

DMG Exteriors is the premier roofing contractor for Lake County, IN, homeowners. Our family-owned business has replaced and repaired countless roofs, siding, and other exterior components for over a decade.

We promise to treat you right while delivering quality work, fast turnaround times, fair prices, and clear communication. Contact us at any time to request your free estimate!  

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