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Unbeatable Roofing Installation and Exterior Services for Your Home

DMG Exteriors is your house’s roofing contractor in your area. We take care of the full range of roofing projects to help your property stay in top shape. Whether it’s time for a repair or replacement, our crew has the skills and expertise to leave you completely satisfied.

Keeping your home and everything in it safe is a top priority. We understand how much your home means and help you keep it secure by ensuring it has the best roof overhead. DMG Exteriors is the premier roofing contractor in Kingsford Heights, Indiana, because our roof replacement and repair services are second to none.

Our team is dedicated to giving you outstanding work and service. Contact us now to schedule a free quote.

Roof Repair Services

You might not notice roof issues until they get more significant. Our team has many years of experience solving all kinds of roofing problems, and we can diagnose even subtle issues. We can then help you take care of the repairs you need.

As a company local to northern Indiana, we know the conditions your roof needs to endure, and we have the expertise to help it last. From the harshest temperatures to any form of precipitation, your roof will withstand them all.

Roof Replacement Services

There comes a time when you must bid your old roof goodbye. An asphalt shingle roof typically needs to be replaced after 20 years or so. If your roof has reached that age or has worn to the state that it needs to be replaced, our roof replacement services will give your home the protection it deserves.

 Our skilled experts will provide:

  • Advice on the right roof for your home’s structure and design
  • Friendly communication and assistance
  • A solid roof that will be long-lasting and durable

We back up our roofing replacements with an available lifetime warranty on anything you might need fixed on your new roof.

When Do You Need Repairs or Roof Replacement Services in Kingsford Heights, IN?

If any of these telltale signs are visible when you or a professional take a look at your roof, it’s time to get it serviced:

Your Roof Has Aged: If the roof on your home was installed more than two decades ago, it’s probably time to replace it.

Roofing Debris in Your Gutters: Shingles start to come apart as they age, and you might find bits in the rain gutters.

Visible Signs of Wear and Tear: Roof damage can be subtle, but it often becomes visible. Shingles coming away from the roof or that appear cracked or damaged are signs your roof needs work.

Signs of Water Damage: A roofing professional should investigate large water spots on the roof or ceilings or any odor that hints of water damage.

Patches of Growth: If you see anything growing on your roof, there could be water inside, causing unseen damage.

Weakening Structure or Appearance: If you have seen a roof that sags or droops, you know what damaged roofing looks like. Even slight visual signs indicate something serious that needs to be addressed.

 Give our team of experts a call if you see anything wrong with your roof.

Why Choose DMG Exteriors?

Our skilled roofing contractors know how to keep a roof going strong in our neck of the woods. Each team member has the know-how and friendly demeanor to give you the service you deserve.

  • Respectful Service: Getting work done on your roof can be intimidating. We help you through the process by treating you with respect and kindness.
  •  Unbeatable Warranty: We stand by our roofing and ensure you get lasting results.
  •  Top Materials: Our expert service combines the highest quality shingles and other components to ensure you get the results you want for your home.
  •  Fully Covered: We take the worry out of roofing by having all the necessary licenses and insurance you’d expect from a professional company.
  • Financing Capacity: Roofing is a big project. We understand the stress that comes with it, so we offer financing options to work with you.

A Business of Integrity

We believe a local business should be a proud member of the community. Everyone we work with gets treated with the utmost respect and consideration. We have received numerous honors for our work and dedication. For quality roofing repairs and roof installation services in Kingsford Heights, Indiana, contact DMG Exteriors today.

Contact us round the clock to schedule a free estimate on roofing and other exterior services.

See Why We’re Loved

DMG Exteriors resided our home and did a fantastic job. We had some damage to the new siding by a different contractor and needed some extra siding to repair it. I called DMG and they were kind, understanding and extremely helpful in getting us the materials needed for the repair. They also visited our home to check things out and noticed that the pitch of one of our gutters was off. They had someone out the next day to fix it for free. This company is great! They have pride in their work and care about having happy customers. Thanks DMG Exteriors, you’re the best!

Danielle Ren Hertzlieb

DMG Exteriors has done gutter repair / replacement for us, and it’s been a great experience. They have been on time every time, are always very courteous on the phone and in person. They have an on-line system for docs and payment to make things easy, and they communicate well by e-mail. The next time we need something done (like a new roof) I will be going to them first.

Ken Luther