Siding plays a crucial role in your home’s value, appearance, and energy efficiency, and it protects your home from the elements and unwanted pests. But, unfortunately, even the best siding doesn’t last forever and can become damaged or worn down over time or after a storm.

Fortunately, DMG Exteriors is a leading siding contractor in Ogden Dunes that acts fast to protect your home. We provide comprehensive siding services at a fair price, including siding installations and repairs.

We offer free, no-obligation estimates where we’ll honestly assess your home’s siding and educate you on your options, including the various materials and designs that best suit your home. 

Our Siding Installation, Repair, and Replacement Services

DMG Exteriors is a leading siding contractor throughout Indiana with more than a decade of experience and hundreds of completed siding projects. We have the expertise, experience, craftsmanship, and high-quality materials to restore your home’s existing siding or give your home a makeover with a beautiful siding installation that lasts. 

Protect Your Home With Siding Repair Services

Even the most minor siding damage should be addressed immediately. Damaged and worn down siding can allow water to penetrate your home, leading to mold, structural damage, and other issues.

A siding repair is a simple, cost-effective solution that can extend the life of your existing siding while protecting your home.

Exceptional Siding Replacement Services

A siding repair isn’t always feasible. Sometimes, the damage is too severe or widespread for a repair to adequately protect your home. In these cases, we recommend a completely new siding installation.

There are many benefits to choosing a siding replacement for your home. New siding will protect your home and instill peace of mind for years to come, and new siding can improve your home’s appearance, value, and energy efficiency.

As experienced siding contractors in Ogden Dunes, we’ll work with you to assess your options and help you find the best solution for your home and budget. Request your free quote today!



How to Know You Need a Siding Repair or Replacement 

Chances are if you are looking you may have already seen signs your roof needs some work. Unsure whether or not you need a siding repair or replacement? Here are a few common signs of damaged or aged siding to be on the lookout for:

  • Severe fading
  • Mold, mildew, moss, or fungi growth
  • Recent animal or pest damage or infestations
  • Missing, broken, warped, loose, or cracked siding
  • Siding that’s pulling away from the home
  • Excessive maintenance or rising energy costs
  • Weak spots or signs of water damage on siding or interior walls

Don’t wait for siding damage to spread to your home’s interior! Contact DMG Exteriors at the first sign of trouble.

In addition to our siding services, we help protect your home with a full range of other exterior services, including:


Why Choose DMG Exteriors? 

DMG Exteriors is committed to providing our customers with better experiences, outstanding results, and 100% satisfaction.

When you request your free quote, we’ll honestly assess the work your home needs and your siding options. In addition, we’ll let you know if a siding repair is viable or if a replacement may be the better solution.

With DMG Exteriors, you won’t see the high-pressure sales tactics common among many of our competitors. Instead, we’ll treat you like an individual, not a means to make a quick buck. Indeed, we dare our customers to compare our services and benefits with our competitors to make an informed decision. With DMG Exteriors, you can expect:

  • Easy and flexible financing options
  • Experts that work with all insurers to help keep costs low for homeowners
  • Unbeatable warranties for siding installation and repair services
  • High-quality, locally sourced materials built to withstand our local climate
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured specialists
  • Comprehensive disposal services
  • Eco-friendly options
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Stunning results


We Look Forward to Working with You

The first step in any siding replacement or repair is to choose the right siding contractor in Ogden Dunes. If you’re ready to get started, you can request a free quote online at any time or give us a call at 877-286-7350. We look forward to working with you!

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