Roofing Contractors in Elkhart, IN

Your roof protects everything beneath it. Keep your home safe with a roof that endures. You can trust DMG Exteriors, the leading roofing contractor in Elkhart, Indiana, for roof installation and repair services.

We know roofing and what it takes to make a roof stand the test of time in Indiana. Give us a call for anything from minor repairs to roofing replacement. Contact us today for a free estimate.

The Leader in Roofing Installation, Replacement, and Repair

Our team helps keep your roof strong enough to stand up to Indiana’s harshest weather. We are the local roofing contractor to call for all your roofing needs. Roof installation and repair services are nothing to scoff at. Your roof is critical to keeping your home safe from the elements. You want roofing repair in Elkhart that you can trust, which is why we inspect your roof and let you know what services it needs first. You always get a free, no obligation quote from our experts.

Roof Repair Services

Keep your roof going strong for years to come. We’ll work with you to get the most from your roofing. We provide top-notch roofing repair in Elkhart, and we help you keep up with maintenance to avoid bigger problems down the road.

As a local company, we know what your home has to stand up to year-round. We keep that in mind when we inspect and repair your roofing. Our experts ensure that your roof performs throughout the seasons.

Roof Replacement Services

If your roofing has aged to the point that it needs to be replaced, DMG Exteriors offers stellar roof replacement services. Our skilled roofers pay attention to every detail to ensure you get a new roof that will last. We help you find the right roofing solution for your home, from the materials to the design. You get a roof that looks great and will stand the test of time.

When Should You Call the Experts for Repairs or Roof Replacement Services in Elkhart, IN?

Your roof should be looked at regularly for any signs of damage or wear:

Wear and Tear from Aging: If your roof is over 20 years old or approaching that mark, you could see signs of wear, like bits of roofing washing into the gutter. Even without visible signs of damage, an old roof should be inspected for hidden leaks or damage.

Problems with Your Shingles: Your shingles can tell you right away if your roof needs attention. They can crack or pull away from the roof. Shingle issues can lead to structural damage elsewhere if left unattended.

Problems Resulting from Leaks: When water gets under or inside your roof, you can have major issues. If you spot any water stains or moss or mold growth on or near your roof, give our experts a call.

 Contact our highly trained experts today to inspect your roof.

Why Choose DMG Exteriors?

When you call our team for your roofing installation or repair, you get the most trusted roofing contractors in Elkhart.

  • Warranty: Our technicians know roofing, which is why we offer industry leading warranties on labor and materials. We want to show that we mean business.
  •  Durable Materials: Our work stands up because of our attention to detail. That includes using the best roofing shingles, underlay, and more for each and every project.
  • Fully Licensed and Insured: We take our work seriously and have all the credentials needed to do the job safely.
  • Payment Options for Your Budget: We help you by offering flexible financing options.   

Your roof isn’t the only line of defense against the Indiana weather, but regardless we’re here to make sure you are confident in your home’s overall roofing and siding. In addition to roofing services DMG Exteriors also offers these expert services: 

Siding Installation and Repairs: If the siding on your home needs attention, our technicians will do the job. We offer the highest quality siding repair and replacement services to protect your home’s foundation.

Gutters and Other Exterior Elements: We take care of your home’s exterior components, from gutters to fascia and more. We keep your property weather-tight and looking nice.

A Business You Can Rely On

We take pride in serving the Elkhart community with top customer service and quality work. DMG Exteriors is recognized as a business of tremendous standing in the community. You can trust us with all your roofing and exterior home needs.

Contact us today for a free estimate on roof repair or replacement.

See Why We’re Loved

Had a good experience with dmg exteriors. Had difficulty trying to install a vent hood because of our backsplash. Damien was easy to talk to when he came over the house to survey the job. For the job itself, Justin and Paul were very competent and courteous. Overall a stress free experience!

Reuel Uy

I would recommend DMG to everyone and anyone. I had the opportunity to work with a Christina Comings who went above and beyond to address my concerns, questions, needs and made me feel that I was her main concern. An amazing company!!

Paige Wright