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Roofing Replacement and Installation Services in Hobart, IN

Maintaining your house is an endless list of tasks that merit your attention as a homeowner. But among the myriad of routine maintenance, it is pretty easy to overlook your roof—out of sight, out of mind, right? 

However, the roof is one of the most critical parts of your home. It protects you against the elements and keeps you comfortable throughout the year. Besides being functional, it enhances curb appeal when it complements your home’s overall appearance.

Now that you understand how crucial your roofing is, it’s only sensible to let experienced professionals work on it. Look no further than DMG Exteriors if you need a roof replacement in Hobart, IN, or any other related services.  

What Do We Offer to Northwest Indiana Homeowners?

DMG Exteriors is a local roofing company based in Indiana. As such, we understand how punishing the climate in Hobart can be all year-round. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are freezing and windy. Sunlight, rain, snow, and wind can break down a roof’s defenses over time, leading to inevitable damage.

Fortunately, we provide the following solutions with every homeowner’s needs in mind:

Roof Installation

Our full range of roofing services includes placing a roof on your newly constructed home. When planning a roofing installation in Hobart, IN, we’ll discuss with you every design decision you have to cap off your dream home.

Our expert roofers will go beyond the aesthetics, ensuring that the roofing structure they’ve built will last long and withstand the elements.

Roof Replacement

There are many reasons to schedule a roof replacement in Hobart, IN. Whether your old roof is beyond repair, you’ve decided to upgrade your exteriors, or you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, all make sense when it comes to roof replacement.

Whatever is driving your decision to get a new roof, DMG Exteriors will work with you from start to finish. Our team will keep inconveniences to a minimum by completing the project within the deadline and cleaning up quickly once done.

Roofing Repair

If you notice signs of damage on your roof, bring in a trusted roofer to understand the extent of the problem. Missing, buckling, or cracked shingles, and even leaks and moss on your roof are not always a cause for alarm, especially if your roofing contractor has a solution.

Before we repair, we inspect your roof and evaluate the damage. Once we recognize the issue, we will discuss and recommend possible fixes.

There may be other reasons you consider a roof replacement. We offer prompt storm restoration services after bad weather damage. Maybe you think your home’s exterior needs an upgrade, our exterior remodeling services cover more than just the roof and siding—we can add custom decking or an extra all-season room to expand your living space outwards.

When Is It Time for Roof Replacement?

Roof damage doesn’t happen overnight, and if left unaddressed for too long, you may end up needing a new one. So, how do you know if a problem warrants a roof replacement in Hobart, IN, instead of repairs? Watch out for the following signs:  

Moisture Intrusion

A reliable roof is impervious to water penetration; however, small leaks can occur here and there over time. Short-term repairs may fix the problem, but if you start seeing brown stains on your walls and ceiling and peeling paint, you may have a bigger issue at hand.

These are symptoms of extensive moisture intrusion, highly damaging a roof’s underlayment and supporting structure. When this happens, it’s time to call a professional.

Exterior Damage

You can easily remedy curled, buckled, cracked, torn, and missing shingles by replacing them, though the results may not be as aesthetically pleasing when you can’t match the colors. But if the damaged area covers more than 30 percent of your roof or is not localized, consider getting a new roof instead of patching up the problem spots.

Misshapen Appearance

When was the last time you took a long view of your roof? Take a step back and examine its appearance for signs of sagging, drooping, or warping. You should be concerned if you see any of these problems—as they indicate a compromised support structure likely due to excessive moisture.

Recent Disaster

Did a violent storm recently pass in your area and damage your roof? Often, severe weather disturbances can cause unseen damage to your roof’s underlying structure. Consider a roof replacement in Hobart, IN, to ensure your family’s safety, especially if another storm is expected to come your way.  

Roof Age

Asphalt shingles have a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years. Check your records to determine the date of installation. If it was more than two decades ago, consider replacing it, even if it appears to be in fine condition from the exterior.

It’s also an indication that your roof is reaching its end of life if you notice particles in your gutters from asphalt shingles installed more than 10 years ago. Granules protect shingles from the sun’s harsh UV rays, so losing them makes your roof more susceptible to damage.

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All aspects of your home should be reliable, which is why you should only let dependable contractors work on them. Count on DMG Exteriors to get the job done with the best results when you need roof replacement in Hobart, IN, or other home improvement services.

Reach out today or contact us online to schedule a free estimate for any of our offered services.

Why Choose DMG Exteriors

It only makes sense to have someone trusted working on your home. But with numerous home improvement companies in the market, how do you separate the good from the bad?

Fortunately, finding a good contractor for roofing installation in Hobart, IN, doesn’t have to be challenging. DMG Exteriors is the preferred choice of many homeowners in Northwest Indiana, and it’s no surprise why. We can provide you with:

  • Professional Service: Our team of trained professionals ensures that every project, regardless of size or scope, gets completed on time, to specifications, and within budget. Expect superior results and quality craftsmanship all the time.
  • Top-Grade Materials: The quality of our work is directly influenced by the materials we employ. Trust that we only utilize high-quality materials that can withstand Indiana’s harsh weather.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind our work, so much so that we offer an available lifetime guarantee on labor for installations and replacements. You don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for repairing issues that may crop up.
  • Flexible Financing: We’re well aware of the financial toll unforeseen roofing and renovation tasks may take. Our easy financing options let you choose between zero interest if paid off within 12 months, or low monthly payments over 10 years so you can get started as soon as possible.

See Why We’re Loved

We had hail damage to our house and garage. We looked at different contractors in our area, and DMG had the best reviews. Now we know why! Our house got new siding, new basement windows, and a new roof on the house and garage. Our house looks beautiful! We told them what colors we like, but never imagined our house could look so great. Everyone at DMG was amazing to work with from start to finish. Michael was so patient, professional and helpful in helping us go back and forth with the insurance company until we were able to settle on the amount needed to cover the damage. He went above and beyond. The owner, Damien, has been AMAZING!! He has been so accomodating to everything we have wanted and needed. The whole crew was so friendly, professional, and did excellent work in a speedy time. We are very impressed and will be referring DMG to all of our friends and family. We also have decided to get some interior work done now that we know their level of excellence. Thanks everyone at DMG!

Rafael Rivera

DMG was quick to respond to our call, quick to come and assess the job, and quick to perform the job. Their pricing was fair, and the work was impeccable. We will use them again and highly recommend them!

Abby Gonzalez