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Bad weather tends to threaten Indiana all year long. The state is prone to thunderstorms, tornadoes, snow, and floods, which can cause a lot of damage to your home’s roof and exterior. DMG Exteriors offers high-quality roof replacement services in Portage, IN. Whether you need roof maintenance, repairs, or replacement, you can trust our experienced roofers to get the job done right.

At DMG Exteriors, we also offer a full range of exterior services, including siding repair and replacement, and soffit, fascia, and gutter repair and replacement. Our trusted and experienced home repair contractors will get your home updated and restored. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Roof Replacement and Installation

Roofs can experience a lot of wear and tear due to weather damage. The seasonal weather conditions in Portage are no exception. DMG Exteriors is committed to providing you with roof installation services in Portage, IN. Whether you need to fix damage or simply want to update your home, we can help. Our team of experts comes prepared with the right tools and materials to get the job done. We specialize in the following types of repairs:

Roof Storm Damage Repair 

Roof damage may involve minor issues such as missing shingles or major issues such as extensive cracks that cause leaks. DMG Exteriors specializes in all roofing jobs, big or small.

Signs You May Need a New Roof

Sometimes the need for a new roof is not obvious. How do you know when it’s time to schedule roof replacement services in Portage, IN? Here are some signs to look for:

  • You see water damage. A major sign that you need your roof repaired is a leak or water damage. Small leaks can quickly become larger leaks, so be sure to get your roof replaced soon.
  • You have a saggy ceiling. This is another serious issue that requires roof replacement. Moisture in the ceiling is never good, so get it fixed promptly.
  • You see light through the attic. If you see daylight shining through the roof, it means you have missing shingles or a damaged roof. Get your roof replaced right away!
  • There is storm damage. High winds and storms can rip the shingles off the roof. Damaged or missing shingles should be replaced promptly, as exposed areas of the roof are vulnerable to leaks.
  • Build-up of shingle pieces and granules in the gutter. If you see granules in the gutters, it often means that the shingles are losing granules. Therefore, you should check your gutters for loose roof material, as this could lead to decay and leaks.
  • The roof is old. Roofs are meant to last roughly 20-25 years. If your roof is in that age range, you should at least schedule a consultation with DMG Exteriors to see if a roof replacement is in order.

How DMG Exteriors Stacks Up Against Competitors

The team at DMG Exteriors is professional and highly trained in performing roof installation services in Portage, IN. We know there are many other roofing companies in the area, so here’s how we stack up against the competition:

  • Lifetime warranty available on all materials and labor for installations and replacements
  • Transferable warranty if you sell the home
  • 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed
  • Three-part roof protection program
  • Work with all insurance carriers
  • Exterior remodeling services 
  • Free no-obligation quotes
  • Jobs completed within one day
  • No money down financing options

Roof Replacement Checklist

DMG Exteriors offers high-quality roof replacement services in Portage, IN. We fully inspect your roof before starting any replacement service because your safety is our priority. However, we ask you to do the following before the scheduled installation date to ensure things go as smoothly as possible:

  • Consider children and pets. The outside of your home will be unsafe for children and pets while we’re working on your roof. There will be loud noises and debris, so your children will be unable to play. Plus, you won’t be able to leave your dog in your yard. Your best bet is to have them stay with a friend or family member throughout the duration of the project. 
  • Relocate your vehicles. You’ll have to give up your prime parking space for a few days. Our roofers will need your driveway space so they can get as close to the project as possible. This is necessary so that we have easy access to tools and materials. Having to continually walk across a street is not ideal—nor is it safe.
  • Remove antennas from the roof. Satellite dishes and antennas will need to be removed from your roof during the replacement. If they are working, contact your cable company. If they are old, unused ones, the roofer can likely take them off your hands for you.
  • Mow your lawn. Debris will likely fall onto your lawn as the roof replacement progresses. While we do use a magnet to pick up nails, cleanup will be quicker and easier if your lawn is trimmed.
  • Move patio furniture. If you have a barbecue, patio furniture, plants, and other items on your patio, you’ll need to move them. Move them to a garage or shed if possible so they won’t get damaged during the roof replacement. 
  • Let your neighbors know. It’s a good idea to let your neighbors know about the upcoming roof replacement. It will likely be noisy, so if they typically work from home, for example, they can find somewhere else to work. They will appreciate the notice!
  • Be aware of your surroundings. During a roof replacement, there’s a lot going on. There will be workers around, as well as various tools and extension cords. It may be hard to enter and exit your home due to all the commotion going on. Because of this, you need to stay alert so you can avoid injuries.

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When you need roof replacement services in Portage, IN, you can count on the trusted professionals at DMG Exteriors to do the job right. We offer a variety of roof and exterior services to protect you and your home. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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