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Roofing Replacement, Installation and Repair in St. Joseph County

Roof damage can happen over time or appear unexpectedly, but you can trust DMG Exteriors to provide exceptional roofing services when you need it. We’re the leading roofing contractors in St. Joseph County, IN, and our goal is to provide you with quality installation, repair, and replacement services that exceed your expectations. 

Signs It’s Time for Roofing Repair or Replacement

DMG Exteriors recommends roofing inspections every twelve months because catching a problem early significantly reduces the amount of work needed on your roof. Here are some signs it’s time for a roofing replacement or repair:

  • Older Roof: A roof’s lifespan depends on the quality of work and materials used. If it’s been at least twenty years since a roofing installation, it’s time to have us take a look, even if it hasn’t yet begun to show visible damage.
  • Active Leaks: Are there dark stains on walls and ceilings? Do your exterior walls have a slight flex that indicates water damage? Is there a persistent, musty smell in the attic or upstairs? You may have active leaks, which can cause widespread damage throughout your home.
  • Sagging or Drooping Roof: Does your roof appear to droop or lean forward, inward at the center, or to the side? Misaligned and drooping roofs indicate a structural issue and must be inspected as soon as possible.
  • Mold, Fungi, or Moss Has Taken Over: Mold, moss, and fungi indicate trapped moisture, which can ruin your roof and put your home’s structural integrity at risk.
  • Buckling, Curling, or Missing Shingles: When shingles start to curl, buckle, or come off, that means they’re no longer attached, and your roof has likely already sustained damage. 

About Our Services

DMG Exteriors is a leading roofing contractor in St. Joseph County, IN. We provide quality work on all of our residential services, including:

Why Choose DMG Exteriors as Your Roofing Contractors in St. Joseph County?

There are over 272,000 people here, and we know you’ve got many roofing contractors to choose from. But dare to compare; you’ll see what sets us apart from other roofers.

  • Exceptional Customer Service: We care about our clients, and we aim to provide outstanding customer service, unwavering attention to detail, and high-quality work that exceeds your expectations.
  • Unbeatable Warranties: Unlike many of our competitors, we provide available lifetime warranties for roofing installations and replacements and 1-5 years on roofing repairs. Moreover, our warranties are transferable, so your home’s roof is guaranteed even if you sell your home in the future.
  • Quality Materials: We utilize high-quality materials on every installation or replacement project we take on. Our materials are extremely low-maintenance and built for our local climate.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured: We’ll ensure your home is protected while our experienced roofers work.
  • Payment Options That Work For You: We offer industry-leading finance options, including low monthly payments, easy online billing, no interest periods, and more.
  • Superior Installation: DMG Exteriors will do everything in our power to provide you with same-day quotes, clear start, and finish dates, and roofing replacements, repairs, and installations done fast. Once we’ve finished up, we go a step further with a magnet sweep of your yard for rusty nails.
  • Free, No Obligation Estimates: Unlike many of our competitors, our estimates are free, and you’re under no obligation to hire us.

As a leader in the industry, you can rely on DMG Exteriors to get the job done with exceptional craftsmanship and expertise for an outstanding result.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to get your free quote on your residential roofing installation, repair, or replacement. 

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I used DMG exteriors for installation of my windows. Tim S. and his crew did an awesome job all the way around from installation to clean up. This company and crew is number 1 in my book!

Cathy Lagunas

Working with Tommy from DMG was such a hassle free experience. Quality work, timely responses, and knowledgeable employees are just the beginning of what DMG has to offer you. Highly recommend their services.

Ian Duke