The siding on your home is more important than you might think. Great siding that is professionally installed helps your house look great, can improve the value, and also protects your home from the outside elements. That’s a big deal here in northern Indiana. Your siding must stand up to everything from temperature extremes to wind and precipitation.

Any chink in your home’s armor can leave the structure beneath vulnerable to more extreme damage. We also know how bad damaged siding can look. DMG Exteriors is the leading siding contractor in Lowell, Indiana. We can take care of any of your siding repair, replacement, or installation needs. Contact us today to schedule a free quote.

How to Know When You Need Repairs or Siding Replacement For Your Home

You see the outside of your house every day, but it’s important to take a thorough look and check for warning signs like:

 Gaps, Holes, or Breaks: Not only does broken siding make your home look worn, but it exposes the structure beneath to further potential damage. Water can enter and cause rotting, mold, or other issues.

Warped or Worn-Out Siding: When siding reaches the end of its lifetime, it can start to peel away from the structure. It can also begin to deteriorate and will need replacement before your home suffers unnecessary damage.

Moldy Siding: Whenever you see mold or other growth on your home, it’s time to call in an expert. You could have water damage or additional moisture issues that can lead to additional and more serious damage.

Loose Siding: Loose siding could mean damage below, or you might need minor siding repair. Lowell weather conditions mean that repairs should happen soon before things get worse.

Signs of Water Damage on Interior Walls: If you see water spots or mold on the walls inside your home, the source of trouble could involve your siding. Call an expert to take a look.

 Contact DMG Exteriors immediately if you see any signs of siding trouble.


Expert Replacement and Repair Services For Your Home’s Roof

Your siding is critical to keeping your home safe and secure. You need the best siding contractors in Lowell, IN, for all your exterior home needs. DMG Exteriors has over 10 years of experience providing quality repairs and siding replacement. We know the area and what your home needs to stand up to the elements.

Siding Replacement Services

If your siding is beyond repair, it’s time to replace it. Our experts have served hundreds of homes with siding installation. We’ll work with you to find the right solution and look for your home.

When you choose our skilled contractors, you get complete service, including:

  • Plenty of options to find the perfect siding for your home’s look and style.
  • A customer-centric experience that puts your needs first.
  • Lasting work to keep your home protected for years.

We stand by our work and make sure you’re thrilled with the result. You can expect the best when you choose DMG Exteriors as your siding contractor.

Siding Repair Services

Not every siding issue requires complete replacement. Our experts can help you avoid more extensive repairs or replacement at the first sign of trouble. From slight damage to loose siding panels, we can take care of it. We’ll also inspect the area to ensure the siding issue hasn’t led to other problems.

Most siding repairs involve loose siding panels and cracks from wind-blown debris. We’ll repair your siding and ensure the job will last. We can also address other exterior issues involving gutters, fascia, soffits or roof repair or installation.



Why Choose DMG Exteriors?

It starts with friendly service. Home repairs of any kind can be stressful. We help you through the process and prioritize your needs and preferences. Here are some other reasons to choose DMG Exteriors:

  •  Available Lifetime Warranty: We stand by our work, so you can rest easy knowing your siding installation or replacement will last. We also warranty repairs for 1 to 5 years.
  • Quality Siding: Our skilled work is combined with the best durable materials.
  • Fully Licensed and Insured: We’re a professional company with full coverage.
  • Financing Options: We work with you to find flexible payment plans that fit your budget.



A Company You Can Trust

DMG Exteriors is a proud member of the community, providing quality service for over a decade. We’re recognized for our ethical work and look forward to providing you with the outstanding service you deserve. Contact us today to request a free quote on siding repairs, replacement, or installation.


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