DMG Exteriors is a premier residential installation and repair company you can trust. Our siding contractors in Wanatah, Indiana, will come to your home to assess the state of your siding, give you a fair and honest quote, and help you make a plan to resolve any siding issues you may have. 

Our siding repair and installation services have been recognized by our clients as high-quality and reliable. We look forward to helping you with your siding needs. 

Expert Siding Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services

During our ten years in business, we have developed a level of expertise that only comes with repeated effort and quality workmanship. We know a thing or two about siding. 

Damaged or aging siding might be a cause for concern, but rest assured, you’re in good hands with DMG Exteriors. We’ll put our experience to work and bring you the best results possible. 

Our core services are: 


Siding Repair in Wanatah

Siding repair is a common need in our area. Damage to siding can be caused by a number of factors and unexpected events. 

Most commonly, homeowners need siding repair services in your area because: 

  • There is a bug infestation beneath the siding. 
  • Water trapped beneath the siding has led to mold growth. 
  • The siding was damaged during a powerful storm. 
  • The siding is too old.

 If any of these situations describe your property, you need expert repair help. Contact us immediately. 



Siding Replacement Services

DMG Exteriors will never try to sell you more repairs than you actually need, so if we recommend siding replacement, there is always a good reason. 

You may need siding replacement services if: 

  • Large portions of your siding have been damaged or displaced. 
  • Your siding is too old to protect your home adequately. 
  • The number of repairs required makes replacement a more cost-effective solution. 

If you’re tired of the ugly exteriors of your home, getting your siding replaced can be an easy way to give it a facelift. If you need help picking colors or materials, we’d be happy to help you! You don’t have to contract siding replacement services only for damage, however.

Do I Really Need Repairs or Siding Replacement Services on My Wanatah Home?

It can be tempting to put off residential repair projects, especially since your siding is on the exterior of your home. Repairing your siding doesn’t just improve the appearance of your property; it can help you save on energy by better insulating your home. 

Some issues require immediate attention. Look for these signs to know if you need siding repair or replacement: 

  • Siding is missing in spots.
  • Siding has holes or cracks.
  • Siding has unusual bubbles or a warped appearance.
  • Mold is growing on or beneath the siding. 
  • Siding is falling off or hanging at a weird angle. 
  • Siding is not properly attached to the home. 

Don’t put off your siding repair. Contact the professionals at DMG Exteriors today.  

What Makes DMG Exteriors Different? 

DMG Exteriors isn’t your typical residential repair company. Our focus isn’t on making a quick dollar; rather, it is on our commitments to integrity and exceptional customer service. 

Here are just a few things that set us apart from the competition: 

  • We have won awards for our integrity and ethics. 
  • We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. 
  • We offer an available lifetime warranty on materials and all labor for new installations. 
  • We only use materials of the highest quality.
  • We make payments easy by providing financing options

Contact us today to experience the DMG Exteriors difference for yourself. 



Motivated by Integrity

Integrity is at the heart of every project we complete. We promise to communicate with you in a way that is clear and honest. We guarantee quality craftsmanship and a final product you’ll love. 

We are proud to have received awards such as the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics, recognizing our commitment to integrity. We are even prouder when our customers recognize it, too. 

Choose a company you can trust. 

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