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Roofing Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services

A roof is an essential part of any functional structure. It’s the first defense against climate conditions and prevents moisture from entering the interior. But if the roof on your home needs some attention, now is the time to hire your local Middlebury roofing contractor. 

At DMG Exteriors, we’re experts in roofing services. We can take care of your existing roof or install a new roof, and our team of experienced technicians always gets the job done.

DMG Exteriors has been providing quality services to Middlebury for more than a decade. Feel free to reach out today!

Experienced Roof Repair Services

If the damage on your roof isn’t too severe, a simple repair may restore it. It’s essential to stay up-to-date with your roofing inspections in order to know when repairs are necessary. 

If we find that a section of your roof requires repair, there is no need to worry. Our experienced technicians can assist with anything you may need.

Roof Replacement Services – We’ve Got You Covered

As much as we’d love to repair every roof we encounter, some situations require replacement. If your roofing materials are near the end of their estimated lifespan or the damage is severe, reach out to request an estimate for roof replacement on your Middlebury home. We offer extensive warranty coverage on all roofing installation and replacement jobs, so you can feel confident that your new roof is covered. 

Signs of Roofing Trouble 

Having your roof inspected by a professional regularly is important, but you can also keep an eye out for signs of trouble. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at your roof:

  • Rotting or mold: If you notice any rot or mold growth on your roof, contact DMG Exteriors immediately. Both issues start on the house’s exterior but can quickly make their way inside, causing significant and costly damage.
  • Moss or shrubbery growth: At first glance, a “roof garden” may not seem like an issue. But the growth of any type of foliage on the roof indicates that moisture is trapped in the shingles, which usually leads to rot or mold. Moss growth can also attract pests and critters that feed on the plant.
  • Missing or loose shingles – if you notice a few missing or loose shingles here or there, it’s not too big of an issue, yet. But, losing one can lead to a domino effect so acting quickly is imperative.

See any of these issues on your roof? Call DMG Exteriors to stop it from getting worse!

Working with DMG Exteriors

DMG has been working for years to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. From offering a free quote to providing high-quality services, our team of professionals will always be reliable. Our countless positive reviews indicate that our customers are pleased with the work we do. 

Not everyone has the money upfront to pay for a roof repair or installation, so we offer a range of financing plans on our website. Explore the options to find one that works for your financial situation. Some of our plans even include interest-free payments.

We Put Our Customers First

When you select DMG Exteriors for your roofing needs, you’re choosing a business that promises a few things upfront:

  • Our roofing experts will listen to you, putting your needs, preferences, and objectives first.
  • Whenever you have questions or need assistance, you can feel confident you’re getting honest answers from contractors with extensive experience in the industry.
  • We’ll complete your project with as little disruption as possible, ensuring it happens on time and within budget. 
  • Our technicians do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction, providing excellent results and industry-leading service.

If you’re looking for a roof replacement or repair, you can rely on DMG Exteriors. Our Middlebury roofing contractors will always provide the highest quality services. We work hard to be a business of integrity for our customers, and we’ll do the same for you.

Contact DMG Exteriors today to start your roofing installation!

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These guys have been totally amazing to work with. Their workers are very professional and helped us through the entire process. I’d highly recommend them to anyone and everyone in the area. Their work is absolutely amazing and they finished our house sooner then we were expecting.

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Very happy with the outcome of my new bath surround. An unforseen issue arose, and Damien was adamant about doing things right and followed through. I am impressed with the professionalism of everyone involved doing the job and resolving the issue. DMG will definitely get my business for my future projects.

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