Siding is an important protective material that is necessary for safeguarding your home against water damage, preventing structural damage, and averting heat loss. Damaged or aging siding is an issue. It can lower the value of your home and lead to costly repairs.

Hire siding contractors whose experience and integrity you can trust. We are a reputable company; our honesty and ethics have won us awards and the respect of our clients. Let us help you with siding installation or any other siding replacement and repair services.

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Unbeatable Siding Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services for Your Rolling Prairie Home

At DMG Exteriors, we offer many different residential repair services to keep your home safe, comfortable, and protected from the elements. Our professional siding services are a great way to keep your home safe from the elements and looking stylish. 

Nothing quite catches the eye for curb appeal like your siding. It’s an essential aspect of your home when it comes to aesthetics and safety. Whether you need a repair or it’s time for a full replacement, DMG has the skill to take care of your siding needs.

Siding Repair Services

If you have concerns about your siding, it’s never too early to contact an expert. On the other hand, waiting too long to get repairs may damage your home. 

 Siding repairs are often necessary when: 

  • Siding has been displaced due to wind or storms. 
  • Siding was poorly installed. 
  • There is an insect infestation beneath the siding. 
  • Siding is cracked or broken.

If any of these issues affect your home, call the experts at DMG Exteriors to help. 



Siding Replacement Services

Unfortunately, not all siding can be saved. Sometimes, the wreckage is so extensive that siding replacement services are necessary. Water damage, mold, torn siding, and warping can all lead to a need for replacement. 

You may also want siding replacement to upgrade the look of your home. We can help with that too. New siding can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal and value.

On every project, DMG Exteriors promises:

  • Professional help at every turn 
  • Five-star customer service
  • Quality work and integrity 


Does Your Siding Need Replacement or Repair Services?

How can you know when you need siding repair or replacement? Some problems may seem small or harmless to the untrained eye. In other cases, you may realize you need some repairs but need to know how many.

If your siding has any of the following problems, contact an expert immediately: 

Visible Holes: Holes in your siding, or pieces of siding missing altogether, pose considerable risks to the integrity of your home’s structure. 

Broken Siding: Cracking, bubbling, or any other disfiguration is a sign your siding needs replacement. 

Mold Growth: Mold is a sign of trapped water, often under the siding. Mold is a health hazard that can lead to long-term illness. 

Loose Siding: Siding can come off during a wind or rain storm, damaging your property or someone else’s. 

Call a professional from DMG Exteriors to help you determine the siding needs for your home.


Why Choose Us?

DMG Exteriors is not the only company in the area providing siding repairs and replacement, but we are the local industry leader whose commitment to integrity matches our work ethic. When you hire a siding contractor from DMG Exteriors, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.


  • Great Customer Service: Customer service is one of our core commitments. We promise respectful, prompt communication and unbeatable performance. 
  • Available Lifetime Warranty: Warranties on our work and materials mean less worry for you. 
  •  Quality Materials: Some businesses cut costs by using low-quality siding. We don’t. We use materials that are built to last.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Our financing options are easy to access.



Our Core Value: Integrity

When you need siding repair or replacement, choose a company with a proven track record of quality work and ethical performance. Choose DMG Exteriors. 

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