Your home has a number of key systems that need to be maintained and well-cared for. One is the siding. If your siding has been damaged, you can trust our team for siding repair, replacement, or installation. We’re a top siding contractor in Granger, Indiana, offering the highest-quality siding replacement and repair services.

We offer options to get the best return on your siding investment. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Our Siding Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services

Our team at DMG Exteriors is your trusted siding contractor in Granger. We offer a range of siding replacement and repair services. Damaged or aging siding can be dangerous and look very unappealing. Working with skilled contractors to repair and replace such siding is your ticket to a more secure, aesthetic structure. 

Siding Repair Services

The typical materials for siding—LP, fiber cement, and vinyl—are highly durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Keeping them up usually just means routine washing. However, siding will gradually crack, fade, and bulge. If it wasn’t installed properly, these issues arise sooner. Quality repair from DMG Exteriors is the way to prevent your siding problems from getting worse. 

Common siding repairs in Granger, IN, include damage from termites, other pests, and weather. Contact us to evaluate your siding issues. We’ll use our expert knowledge to figure out the right repair work needed to bring your siding back up to scratch.

Siding Replacement Services

In some cases, repairs aren’t going to achieve the results you deserve, and you’ll need a replacement. When that happens, you can trust our team of expert siding contractors. 

We will be accurate, quick, and honest in evaluating why repairs aren’t your best option. 

Our team of professionals at DMG Exteriors will give you:

  • Expert guidance on the best design for your home’s style
  • Excellent service from start to finish
  • Superior results that will last for many years to come

Quality work requires a quality team, and we offer both at DMG Exteriors. When you choose us for siding replacement, you’ll never be sold on unnecessary services or products. What we recommend will have an available lifetime warranty on siding replacement and installation with a 1-5 year warranty on repairs.

When Do You Need Repairs or Siding Replacement Services in Granger, IN?

You should regularly inspect your siding to know if siding repair is necessary. As you do so, watch for the following indications there are issues with your siding: 

Visible Holes: Holes likely mean you have pests roosting in your siding. Sometimes holes can be caused by severe weather patterns as well. Either way, they open up your interiors for all kinds of issues and need to be dealt with immediately. 

Warped or Rotting Siding: Warped or rotting siding indicates that moisture has gotten into your siding and is causing problems from the inside out. Left untreated, this could lead to serious structural problems. 

Mold Growth on Siding: Mold growing on your siding means moisture. Moisture means potential rotting and weakening of your siding and needs to be taken care of quickly and professionally. 

Loose Siding Panels: If your siding panels are loose, they might’ve been jarred by severe weather or weren’t installed properly. Loose panels invite all kinds of issues, including moisture and pest accessibility, to your interior walls. 

Visible Water Damage or Mold on Interior Walls: Seeing visible water damage or mold on interior walls could easily mean your exterior siding is compromised, allowing moisture inside. 

Call in the experts at DMG Exteriors at the first signs of trouble. 

Why Choose DMG Exteriors?

Our team is a skilled and trained team of home roofing and siding contractors. We have a decade under our belts, and we’re adding to that experience every day as we work to bring the best possible service to our clients and customers.

  • Outstanding Customer Service: We work hard to listen to your needs and deliver on them—knowing each customer is unique and has unique needs. 
  • Lifetime Warranty: Each project we undertake comes with an available lifetime warranty on replacement and a 1-5 year warranty on repairs for materials and labor. 
  • Quality Materials: You’ll find we only work with the very best materials on our projects and that our installers are highly trained and will use the very best installation methods. 
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured: Your home will be protected and secured while we get our work done.
  • Flexible Payment Options: We offer incredible financing options, so you can have your siding replaced without it causing serious financial strain.  

A Business of Integrity

We’ve been honored with awards for integrity and ethics, so you know our skilled team works hard to ensure the highest-quality results as your siding contractors. We are also skilled in exterior work on soffits, fascia, and gutters

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