Roofing Contractors in Lakes of the Four Seasons, IN

Your roof guards your house through snow, rain, heat, and worse. Unfortunately, even the best-made roofs degrade over time. Left untreated, roof problems can lead to serious structural damage to your entire house.

DMG Exteriors is here to help! Our experienced roofing contractors in Lakes of the Four Seasons, offer all manner of roofing maintenance, repair, and replacement services that you can count on.   

Roofing Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services in Lakes of the Four Seasons

Our experienced team understands how to develop custom roofing solutions for residential homes throughout Lakes of the Four Seasons. Schedule a free estimate by calling us today

We offer a full array of roofing repair and replacement services. Whether you want to upgrade your entire roof or you only need sections repaired, we’ll ensure your roof will protect your house even in the harshest conditions. 

Aside from your roof, we also provide other exterior services such as:

Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Our team understands how to identify damage and repair them as needed. We recommend scheduling a routine roof inspection every year. An inspection is a perfect way to protect your roof before winter or summer begins. Save some money by identifying potential issues when they’re small and simple to fix. 

Family-Friendly, Unobtrusive Roof Services

Roofing installation in Lakes of the Four Seasons, IN, can be a big job—but it doesn’t have to disrupt your life. Our experienced, factory-trained team will complete your project quickly, safely, and within a clearly defined deadline. 

We take special care to protect your home while we work. Additionally, we leave the job site clean at the end of every workday, including sweeping the area with magnets to remove any loose nails. 

When Do You Need Roofing Repairs or Replacement Services in Lakes of the Four Seasons, IN?

The following common issues all warrant a closer look from a roofing contractor, as they often signal the need for roofing replacement or repair. 

  • Signs of water: Not all roof leaks result in visible water. Instead, look for indirect signs of leaks such as long, vertical stains on the walls or dark stains on the ceiling. Mold and mildew also indicate excessive moisture.
  • Storm damage: Inspect your roof after any storm. You’re looking for warping, buckling, missing shingles, granules in your gutters, and other signs of damage.
  • Visible light: On a sunny day, head into your attic or other rooms at the top of your house. If you see light shining through the ceiling, your roof likely has missing shingles or a damaged structure.
  • Strange shapes: Watch for sagging, slanting, or other indications any part of your roof has moved. Even subtle changes can signal underlying structural damage. 

 Take warning signs seriously by calling the experts at DMG Exteriors

Experience the DMG Exteriors Difference

For over ten years, locals have turned to us for trusted, affordable, and fast roof contracting services. What makes us stand out from the competition? Here are a few reasons why we’re the best choice.   

  • Quality Materials: We only use high-quality materials capable of standing up to the local climate. Not only will your new roof last, but we can also customize the design in nearly unlimited ways. 
  • Lifetime Warranty: All new roof installations include an available lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Repairs are backed for 1-5 years. We’ll be here when you need us.    
  • Flexible Financing: We make it easy to afford the roof you need today. We provide financing options with low monthly payments and multiple convenient payment options.   
  • Superior Customer Service: From start to finish, your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. After listening to your needs and concerns, we’ll help develop a custom roofing solution perfect for your home and budget. 
  • Safe Work Environment: We promise to always respect your home and family. During construction, we’ll maintain a safe job site environment, including performing magnetized sweeps around your property to pick up loose nails.   

Trusted Roof Repair, Replacement, and Implementation

Turn to DMG Exteriors for all your home roofing needs, from annual inspections to total roof replacement and everything in between. We treat every project as if we were working on our own home – no matter the scope, size or nature of work. Our roofing contractors in Lakes of the Four Seasons, IN, provide custom, affordable solutions for everyone guaranteed!

Contact us 24/7 to schedule a free, no obligation quote. 

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