When you need siding repair in Hebron, you need DMG Exteriors. For over ten years, we’ve been serving Indiana by performing honest, quality work on every project, every time. We can help you assess the state of your home’s siding and direct you on which steps to take next. 

Don’t hire just anyone to repair your home’s siding; hire Hebron siding contractors whose expertise and commitment to craftsmanship are evident in everything we do. We look forward to helping you with your siding replacement and repair needs. 

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Don’t Wait to Improve Your Home with Siding Repair, Replacement, or Installation

DMG Exteriors offers a wide variety of residential repair services to ensure your home remains in good shape. No matter what you need us to do, you can rest assured knowing it will be done right from the beginning. 

Reasons to Hire Siding Repair Services

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re worried about your siding. We will promptly and professionally inspect your siding and help you determine if siding repair is necessary. 

 Siding repairs are often necessary for your home when:

  • Storms have damaged or removed siding. 
  • Siding wasn’t properly installed in the first place. 
  • Heat and humidity have caused siding to warp and crack. 

Reliable siding repair services in your area are just a simple call away. 



Siding Replacement Services

If your home’s siding has been severely damaged, full siding replacement is typically the most cost-effective option than sporadic attempts to repair portions of the damaged siding. 

The idea of having your siding replaced may seem overwhelming, but remember you have experienced, trusted experts on your side who will walk you through every step. Plus, siding replacement can be an excellent opportunity to upgrade your home’s exterior. The aesthetic possibilities are endless.

When you work with us, you can expect: 

  • Smiling faces and friendly service 
  • A fair and honest price 
  • Quality work that will last for many years to come 


When Do You Need Repairs or Siding Replacement Services in Hebron?

Not sure what to look for when it comes to siding problems? Inspect the exterior of your home for the following signs of trouble:

  • Visible Holes: Your home’s siding is its armor. Visible holes mean gaps in your protection against water and wind. 
  • Warped Siding: Look for large bubbles or distortions in the shape of the siding. They can be easily spotted by looking at the siding from different angles, which will make any wrapping evident.
  • Mold Growth: Mold is bad news that needs to be addressed quickly, as it can lead to serious negative health effects. 
  • Loose Siding Panels: If your siding is sliding off or hanging ajar, it may be a sign it was not initially installed properly. 


Contact DMG Exteriors to have a professional assess your siding. 

In addition to siding repair and replacement, we also offer:


Choose DMG Exteriors

Selecting a siding contractor shouldn’t be difficult. DMG Exteriors is the clear choice for all of your siding needs. Our proven work and glowing customer reviews speak for themselves. 

What makes us so unique? 

  • Great Customer Service: We promise friendly faces, respectful treatment of your home and property, and great results. 
  • Exceptional Warranties: We offer an available lifetime warranty on materials and labor for installations and replacements, plus a 1 to 5-year warranty for repairs. 
  • More Options for Financing: We make it easy to finance your home repairs.



Committed to Integrity 

Above all else, our commitment to integrity sets us apart from any other siding company. You don’t need to worry if you are getting a good price or if we are doing our best work. 

We promise honest and transparent pricing on every project. We promise to work until you are delighted with your repairs or installations. You’ll be glad you chose DMG Exteriors. In fact, we guarantee it. 

Contact us any time of day to schedule an estimate.

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