Many of the elements used to construct a house play a role in its appearance and stability. Siding is one of those elements. Damaged siding impacts the look of your home and its structural integrity. The best thing you can do when you notice damaged siding is hire skilled and professional siding contractors in Elkhart County, IN. 

Our team at DMG Exteriors offers high-quality siding installation, replacement, and repair services. We’ll provide a free estimate and do what we can to ensure the best possible return on your investment.

Siding Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services

The team at DMG Exteriors provides top-quality siding work to residential clients. We use only the best materials and provide the latest styles to ensure that your siding will be up-to-date. Review the services we offer:

Siding Replacement Services

Siding can’t always be repaired, and when that’s the case, our skilled contractors can perform siding replacement throughout Elkhart County. Before we start a job, we’ll assess the condition of the material and determine whether it qualifies for a repair or requires replacement. You can trust our technicians to be honest and upfront with their findings.

 When performing siding replacement, the team at DMG Exteriors will provide: 

  • Insights into which siding options complement the look of your home.
  • Industry-leading service.
  • High-quality results that protect your home for years.

You deserve to have quality siding on your house, and our team will help you get it. We stand behind our work with an available lifetime warranty on siding replacement.

Siding Repair Services

Modern siding materials can last for years, including vinyl and fiber cement. But if the siding on your home has sustained damage, our technicians can assess whether it’s a candidate for siding repair in your area of Elkhart County and other neighboring areas. These materials are constantly exposed to the changing climate conditions we have in this area, which can cause damage.

 Siding repairs may be necessary if pests have made their homes behind the material. Whenever possible, we perform siding repair to resolve the issues and restore the condition of a home. Our warranty also includes up to five years of coverage on repair jobs.

We’re available to take care of other exterior jobs for our valued clients. Our services include roof replacement and repair services and gutter, fascia, and soffit installation and repair services, all performed to protect your home.

Signs of Siding That Needs Repair or Replacement

Keep an eye out for warning signs that may indicate your siding needs attention:

Damaged Panels: Sometimes, siding panels aren’t installed properly, providing easy access for pests to nest and moisture to spread.

Holes or Cracks: Visible holes or cracks in siding often indicate pests. Termites can drill into the material to nest behind it, which can seriously threaten your house’s structural integrity. 

Warped or Rotted Siding: When moisture goes beneath the siding of your home, it can cause it to warp. Moisture can also lead to rot, which can then spread to other locations of the structure. 

Exterior Mold Growth: If you see mold growth on your siding, moisture has likely penetrated it.

Interior Mold Growth or Moisture Damage: Visible water damage or signs of mold growth within the home can mean that the siding needs attention.

 Reach out to the team at DMG Exteriors if you spot any of these signs or other indicators of siding issues.

Working With DMG Exteriors

Our team at DMG Exteriors has been the go-to provider of siding repair, replacement, and installation in Elkhart County, IN for over ten years. When you work with us, we promise to deliver:

  • Excellent Service: Our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We guarantee your satisfaction and can answer any questions about siding services.
  •  Industry-Leading Warranty: We offer impressive leading warranty coverage on both the materials and labor on all siding projects.
  •  Premium Materials: We only use high-quality siding material, installed by our professionally trained technicians.
  •  Licensed, Bonded, and Insured: You can feel confident when we’re working at your home, as our technicians are fully protected.
  • A Range of Payment Options: We offer flexible financing options so you can take care of your home without additional financial stress.

Integrity and Ethics

DMG Exteriors has received integrity and ethics awards, which dedicates our commitment to quality work and excellent results. You can trust us to provide you siding repair, replacement, and installation services.

We’re available 24/7, so contact us to request a free quote now.

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