If your siding has begun to show wear and tear, has sustained damage, or if you’re looking for an upgrade, count on DMG Exteriors as your preferred siding contractor in Chesterton, Indiana.

As a leading siding contractor in northeastern Indiana, we handle all things siding, from minor siding repairs to total siding replacements. Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and we aim to provide the best possible experience and outcome on every job.

With DMG Exteriors, you can expect clear communication through every step of the project and a thorough evaluation of the repairs or installations necessary to restore or improve your home’s condition. In addition, our free, no-obligation quotes mean you get the information you need immediately without any hidden fees or surprises. 

Our Siding Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services

Your home’s siding is one of its most important aesthetics and plays a direct role in its value and curb appeal. Additionally, it’s a key component of protecting your home against the elements.

Unfortunately, no siding lasts forever; as it ages, it becomes more susceptible to damage. Broken or weakened siding leaves your home vulnerable to water damage and reduces your home’s appeal, making it more difficult to sell.

Fortunately, DMG Exteriors provides fast, quality services to stop water damage in its tracks and improve the look and value of your home. Give us a call today to get your free quote!

Siding Replacement Services for Your Home

When a siding repair isn’t feasible, DMG Exteriors provides extensive siding installation options, including choices of colors, designs, and materials to best suit your home and budget. Siding is never something you want to leave to just anyone, so count on our expert siding contractors for the best results. 

Siding Repair Services When You Need Them

There’s a significant risk of damage to your home after its siding falls into disrepair. Minor siding issues can quickly become a big, expensive problem when they are ignored. DMG Exteriors works fast to restore your existing siding’s condition before further damage can occur.

No job is too big, too small, or too complex, and we’ll provide a thorough inspection of your home to help you determine the best course of action. 

In addition to our siding repair, replacement, and installation services, DMG Exteriors provides expert:



When Do You Need Repairs or Siding Replacement Services?

Is it time to call in a contractor for siding repair or replacement? Regular siding inspections are a vital part of your home’s maintenance, and there are several signs of trouble you can be on the lookout for, including:

  • Missing siding panels
  • Cracked, rotting, or warped siding
  • Bubbles or blisters in your siding
  • Fungus, mold, mildew, or moss on the exterior or interior of your home
  • Weak spots in your home’s siding or interior walls
  • Faded, dingy-looking siding
  • Rising energy bills
  • Peeling paint on the interior walls of your home
  • Pests and rodent infestations

Remember to give DMG Exteriors a call at the first sign of trouble. We’ll work with you to complete your siding repair or installation fast, with clear start and finish dates and honest recommendations. 

Why DMG Exteriors Is the Preferred Choice for Siding Contractors in Chesterton

DMG Exteriors provides professional, prompt, quality siding installation, replacement, and repair services in Chesterton. We know you have options for choosing your siding contractor, and we dare you to compare our services with our competitors. By choosing DMG Exteriors, you’ll be choosing:

  • Best-in-Class Warranties: We back our siding installations with available lifetime warranties covering materials and labor. We provide peace of mind for siding repairs with 1–5 year warranties.
  • Flexible Financing Solutions: We know siding damage can occur unexpectedly, so we provide extensive financing options. Additionally, we work with all insurance carriers.
  • Locally Sourced, Quality Materials: Your siding installation is only as good as the materials installed. That’s why we use high-quality, locally sourced materials designed for Indiana’s climate. Plus, our siding options are incredibly low-maintenance, so you won’t have to spend as much time in the yard.
  • Professionals You Can Count On: All of our installers are licensed, bonded, insured, and factory-trained, so you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time. 



A Business You Can Rely On

When you’re looking for reliable siding contractors in Chesterton, count on DMG Exteriors to provide reliable, affordable, and prompt services. We’ve been the go-to siding experts in northeastern Indiana for more than ten years.

Give us a call to learn more about our services, or request your free, no-obligation estimate online for siding installation, replacement, and repair. 

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