Siding is an important feature of your home’s value and curb appeal. But did you know siding helps protect your foundation and home’s interior walls from water damage? Plus, it prevents pests from getting into your home and helps keep cooling and heating bills low with insulation.

Older and damaged siding can quickly become an expensive problem. Water damage can wreak havoc on your home, and you could be facing extensive interior repairs without a prompt siding repair or replacement.

Luckily, DMG Exteriors handles all things siding, including inspections, installation, repairs, and replacements. With over a decade of experience, we’ve established ourselves as trusted siding contractors in Elkhart, Indiana. Our work withstands the test of time while providing you with more options and better payment solutions.

Top-Quality Siding Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services

Hiring experienced siding contractors immediately is key to preventing a rapid spread of damage if your siding has become compromised. Additionally, many homeowners choose a fresh siding installation over a repair to add value and curb appeal to their home or to make their home easier to sell. 

Fortunately, our team of experts will provide you with top-quality work using the best materials available to deliver impressive results. Our materials are locally crafted with Indiana’s climate in mind, so you can be confident that your new siding will withstand the test of time. 

We provide routine inspection services and siding repair options to extend the life of your existing siding. When repairs aren’t an option, or you’d prefer an upgrade to boost your home’s value or reduce maintenance, we provide siding installation and replacement services you can count on.

Not only are we leading siding contractors, but we perform a full range of services, including: 



Signs It’s Time to Call DMG Exteriors

Routine inspections can address necessary siding repairs before they worsen. However, it’s worth watching for signs of trouble, especially after a bad storm or if your siding is getting old. Here are a few indicators that it’s time to call in DMG Exteriors:

  • Visible holes in your siding
  • Rotting, warped, missing, or loose siding panels
  • Visible water, mildew, or mold on your home’s interior walls
  • Siding that gives when pressed on
  • Blisters and bubbles in your siding
  • Rising energy bills
  • Severe fading
  • Peeling paint on the interior walls of your home 

Contacting DMG Exteriors at the first sign of trouble will prevent damage from spreading to other areas of your home and improve the possibility of a siding repair instead of a replacement. 


Dare to Compare Our Siding Replacement and Repair Services to Our Competitors in Elkhart

We invite potential clients to compare our siding replacement, installation, and repair services with our competitors to see why we’re the leading siding contractors in your area. With DMG Exteriors, you can expect us to deliver:

  • Better Finance Options: We offer better financing options, including low monthly repayment plans, convenient repayment options, and no-money-down opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Warranties: At DMG Exteriors, we believe siding warranties should provide you with complete protection. Our siding replacements are backed by an available lifetime warranty that includes parts and materials. Additionally, our siding repairs are backed by a comprehensive 1- to 5-year warranty, letting you rest easy knowing the life of your siding has been extended for years to come.
  • Quality Materials You Can Count On: We use locally sourced materials designed for low maintenance and our local climate. If that’s not enough, we invite you to take a look at our robust options for design, color, and material types that let you customize your siding installation.
  • Faster Service: DMG Exteriors strives to always provide speedy repairs and replacements before damage has the time to spread. 



Creating Better Relationships with Our Clients

Elkhart is the City with a Heart, and the siding contractors you choose should be too. Unlike our competitors, our clients are more to us than a means to make a quick buck. We’re committed to building better relationships with our customers through unwavering integrity, personable and friendly experts, and results we can all smile about.

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