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In Northwest Indiana, we’re no strangers to wild storms in the spring, winter, and pretty much any time of the year. The strong winds, heavy rain, and hail that come with these storms can cause massive damage to a home’s exterior. When this happens, getting the right repairs is essential to preserving the value of your home and preventing more costly problems.

If your home has suffered any type of storm damage, you can turn to the team of trusted, experienced home repair contractors at DMG Exteriors. We offer a full range of storm damage repair and restoration services, and we can get any job done right the first time!

Over the past decade of serving homeowners in the Griffith areas, our experts have seen and repaired it all, from roof storm damage to siding damagedented doorsbroken windows, and more. We’re a service team that truly cares about the quality of the work we provide. That means that you can count on us for reliable, affordable, top-quality repairs for any scope or scale of storm damage.

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Storm Damage Repair Services in & Around Griffith, IN

When a storm strikes, you can be left with water damage, flooding, or even complete exposure to the elements. When this happens, you need an experienced team that’s ready to provide the right repairs—and that will arrive as soon as possible, fully equipped to get the job done efficiently and properly.

The storm damage repair experts at DMG Exteriors can deliver all of that and more! Our team will come fully equipped with the right tools and materials to meet your needs, ensuring that we’ll address all forms of storm damage and restore the security, functionality, and comfort of your home.

Our storm restoration services include all types of repairs, including:

  • Roof storm damage repair – Roof damage from a storm can require simple or more involved repairs, which can necessitate anything from replacing a few missing shingles to fixing catastrophic cracking and buckling. Our team can provide any roofing repair, no matter the extent of the damage.
  • Siding storm damage repair – If your siding is cracked, dented, or bulging, you can trust DMG Exteriors to make the needed repairs and restore your home’s siding to optimal condition.
  • Window and door storm damage repairs – Though windows and doors are built to withstand the ravages of storms, they are not immune from damage. In fact, even tiny dents can lead to moisture intrusion that can quickly cause more damage and the need for more involved repairs down the line. Avoid these issues by letting our team take care of your window and door repair needs as soon as possible!
  • Gutter storm damage repair – Gutters are responsible for protecting your roof and home from the problems that excess water can present. When gutters are damaged, they can strip away much of your home’s defenses. Make sure your home always has the best protection by trusting the experts at DMG Exteriors for all of your gutter repair needs after a storm.

We know that storm damage can be stressful. The last things you want to worry about are the repairs and how much they’ll cost you. That’s why DMG Exteriors offers industry-leading financing options for all of our storm repair and restoration services!

Contact DMG Exteriors for Top-Quality Storm Restoration Services in Griffith, Indiana

At DMG Exteriors, our team is dedicated to repairing and restoring homes afflicted by all types of damage, including storm damage. Whether you need a simple window replacement, a complete roof replacement, or anything in between, you can count on DMG Exteriors for excellent storm repair and restoration service—and the best results!

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DMG Exteriors resided our home and did a fantastic job. We had some damage to the new siding by a different contractor and needed some extra siding to repair it. I called DMG and they were kind, understanding and extremely helpful in getting us the materials needed for the repair. They also visited our home to check things out and noticed that the pitch of one of our gutters was off. They had someone out the next day to fix it for free. This company is great! They have pride in their work and care about having happy customers. Thanks DMG Exteriors, you’re the best!

Danielle Ren Hertzlieb

DMG Exteriors has done gutter repair / replacement for us, and it’s been a great experience. They have been on time every time, are always very courteous on the phone and in person. They have an on-line system for docs and payment to make things easy, and they communicate well by e-mail. The next time we need something done (like a new roof) I will be going to them first.

Ken Luther