The Cierra Roofing Grant in Indiana

DMG Exteriors is committed to providing the best customer service and experience in Lake Porter and LaPorte counties. We work to improve homes in our community. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results reflects our values and dedication to going the extra mile.

That commitment extends to the communities we serve as well. We are pleased to announce the Cierra Roofing Grant in Indiana for cancer patients or their caregivers. It’s an opportunity to assist people in our community who could use a little help.

How to Apply

Residents and homeowners in Northwest Indiana are invited to complete an application for assistance. This includes the Cierra Roofing Grant in Indiana and other potential services such as care packages and transportation assistance.

Applicants can have the opportunity to share their stories and help others in need while gaining some assistance from the Cierra Roofing Grant. Each one of us can play a role in helping others through difficult times. Whether that generosity takes the form of service, time, or financial assistance, we can all lend a helping hand.

At DMG Exteriors, we help build our community through all types of home projects. With the Cierra Roofing Grant for Northwest Indiana homeowners, we hope to help build a brighter future for people in our community.

Contact Us with Questions and Apply Today

If you or someone you care for is currently fighting cancer, please complete the Cierra Roofing Grant application. Please email any questions to or call 618-922-0585. Share this information with someone you know who could benefit from the grant. Apply today.