How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof? [Breaking Down the Key Factors]

This question seems simple at first: How long does it take to replace a roof? But the truth is that this is a complex question with many different factors influencing the answer. 

Luckily, with DMG Exteriors, a free quote is only a phone call away for Indiana homeowners.

Maybe you’d like to do some digging yourself to figure out the potential costs. No need to worry—high-quality services are available in your area at any time.

How To Tell Your Roof Needs Replacing

In many situations, you won’t need to replace your whole roof. If you have a shingle damaged here or there but nothing too extreme, you’ll only need a repair. 

However, if the damage is moderate to severe and takes up more than 30% of your roof, it may be time for a complete roof replacement. There also comes a time when your roof simply gets too old and can’t do the job anymore.

Here are some signs to look out for.

1. Shingles That Are Too Old

One of the first signs to look out for is the age of your roof. If it’s been 15–30 years since your roof was installed, you’ll need to pay extra attention. Typical asphalt shingles will begin to deteriorate after that much use, so be sure to look out for signs of trouble. 

2. Cracked, Loose, or Missing Shingles

Once you see cracked, loose, or missing shingles, they need to be dealt with immediately, so the problem doesn’t grow. A repair may be sufficient if the issue pertains to a small percentage of your roof. Contact DMG Exteriors in your area to get a professional opinion.

3. Moss Growth On Your Shingles

Gardens are beautiful; however, if you’re unintentionally growing one on your roof, that’s not a great sign for your roof. Moss on your roof is a sign of moisture and debris together. Moisture can be incredibly harmful to your house and lead to mold and rotting on the exterior and interior of your home.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Roof Replaced?

An average-sized roof can often be replaced in a few days at most. Not as long as you expected, is it? Don’t get too excited, however, because many things can impact the length of your roof replacement.

Roof Accessibility 

The accessibility of the roof can have a major impact on how long replacement takes. If your roof is exceptionally high, or the layout of the house or environment makes it more difficult to reach, you may be looking at a longer roof replacement. 


Your landscaping can affect your roof replacement in ways you might not anticipate. When experts are working on your roof, we do everything we can to protect your landscaping, including bushes, flowers, grass, etc. Depending on how uneven the terrain is and how much foliage and landscaping your roofing contractor needs to work around, it can make for a lengthier roof replacement.

Materials Used

The materials you’ve chosen can determine how long it should take to replace your roof. As professionals, we do our best to give you a quick, high-quality service no matter what. However, certain materials may require a bit more care and could result in your roof replacement taking longer.

Roof Size

An average roof is 2,000-3,000 square feet, give or take. This one goes without saying, but your roof replacement will probably take more or less time, depending on its size.

Roof Complexity

A typical roof shape is easier to replace, making your service quicker. However, the new installation will probably take longer if your roof is more complex. Roofs with lots of different angles and heights will make for a longer replacement. 


Unfortunately, as contractors who work outside on roofing, the speed at which we get the job done is dictated by the weather. If a heavy snow or rainstorm makes conditions unsafe, it’ll delay your project until the danger passes.

The particulars of your roof are unique. We provide free quotes so that customers can have a good estimate of what their replacement would entail, and we strive to communicate openly, so you always know how the job is progressing and if we need to update the timeline.

What Goes Into a Roof Replacement

With over a decade of experience, DMG Exteriors are experts in the roof replacement process

First, a roofing contractor would remove the old shingles and get them out of the way. Once completed, they will check the roof foundation for any stray nails or things they may have missed.

After ensuring the roof is clear, they will install any needed vents and extra cover for moisture protection before installing the starter shingles. The starter shingles are an extra layer applied along the outside of the roof, adding an extra layer of safety against water, snow, and wind.

Once the starter shingles are applied, your roofing contractor will install the new shingles and after the shingles are installed they’ll clean up your roof and check for any nails that may have gone astray—including a magnet sweep of your yard—before calling it a day. 

Industry-Leading Warranties with DMG 

DMG Exteriors offers a lifetime warranty for any roof replacement to give you the ultimate peace of mind after a roofing installation. You can’t find a better warranty than that!

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