Your siding shields your home from everything Mother Nature has to throw, from rain to storms to pests. It also insulates your home, keeping down energy and heating costs, and is an essential part of your home’s curb appeal.

Siding damage isn’t always sudden. Often, it sneaks up on you and worsens over time. Fortunately, finding experienced siding contractors in Goshen, Indiana, has never been easier.

We’re the go-to experts in the Maple City because we deliver exceptional siding installation, repair, and replacement results every time. We work with you at each step of the project to protect your home from further damage while guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

Quality Siding Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services

At DMG Exteriors, we’re committed to providing outstanding results using quality materials to keep your home looking great for years to come.

We offer an extensive range of services, including siding repair, installation, and replacement, as well as routine inspections and roofing, gutter, fascia, and soffit repairs and replacements. 

Siding Repair Services for Minor Damage

We always recommend routine inspections because you’re more likely to catch damage while it’s still relatively minor. When possible, repairs are cheaper than siding replacements and can extend the life of your existing siding.

Our free, no-obligation estimate includes an honest assessment of your siding’s damage and a recommendation as to whether or not a siding repair is possible. Repairs are usually recommended for siding that has only sustained minor damage and is still within the product life expectancy. 

Expert Siding Replacement Services

When siding repairs aren’t an option, or you’d like to upgrade to more attractive, new, or low-maintenance siding, it’s time to call in the experts. We perform easy, fast siding replacement services while providing you with more material, design, and color options than our competitors.

Our materials are locally sourced, which means they’re designed for our local climate. You can rest assured your new siding will last. And if it doesn’t? We’re so confident about our work that we provide an available lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Plus, our warranties are transferable, an attractive detail should you ever want to sell your home. 



Our Other Services

DMG Exteriors handles everything from siding to roofing to gutters, fascia, and soffits. All of these important features protect your house from water and structural damage, so it’s crucial to keep all of it in great shape. 

Signs It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Siding

Concerned about your siding? Here are some telltale signs that you need to call DMG Exteriors:

  • Loose panels, visible holes, or warped or rotting sections
  • Siding that gives when pressed on
  • Visible water damage on interior walls in your house
  • Mold growth


Choose the DMG Exteriors Advantage 

We’re the leading siding contractors in Goshen for a reason. By hiring DMG Exteriors, you’ll be choosing advantages like:

  • All-Inclusive Warranty: We provide an available lifetime warranty on all siding installation and replacement services. These warranties include materials, labor, and inclusions for wind, separation, weathering, impact, and more! Plus, you’ll never face out-of-pocket expenses if something goes wrong because our warranties are non-prorated. Unlike many of our competitors, DMG Exteriors also provides siding repair warranties of 1-5 years.
  • Better Customer Experience: As a business of integrity, we provide honest assessments and recommendations before any work is performed. We’ll communicate with you at every step. We’re in the business of building better relationships with each of our customers, and we’re not satisfied until you are.
  • Finance Solution That Works for You: Siding damage can be unexpected, and not everyone can come up with a lump sum for a siding repair or replacement. We provide flexible financial arrangements, including low monthly payments or no-money-down options.
  • Quality Materials: Exceptional craftsmanship doesn’t end with our experienced contractors. We only use locally sourced, quality materials to ensure your new roof withstands the test of time. Plus, all our material and color options are low-maintenance, so you can spend less time in the yard and more time doing the things that matter most.


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